CAD Designer Careers

Computer-Aided/Assisted Design (CAD they make the drawings, the designers include dimensions, materials to be used, and the procedural steps in making the product. These drawings are used for the production of various items or components that are used in many different industries.

Some of their duties:
  • Design or redesign complex layouts and drawings from general written or verbal specifications from Group Leader.
  • Produce CAD drawings for new or improved products using industry, departmental and discipline standards.
  • Review design layouts to find and resolve problems involving compatibility with basic design concepts.
  • Work with engineering and manufacturing team to investigate and resolve problems with existing designs.
  • Provide alternative design concepts to meet customer requirements.
  • Create and implement a CAD standard drawing database.
  • Create prototypes for CAD models.
  • Develop alternative design solutions or quick engineering solutions for complex problems.
  • Maintain records of design process in accordance with sound design practices and ISO requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with required design safety factors, tolerances, and specifications.
  • Participate in team problem solving and brainstorming sessions.
  • Maintain and update a database for the CAD design documentation.
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